810 Flex-Air™

For the ultimate in precision strength, RBR has combined the proven 810 Flex-Air™ from Case with the performance and reliability RBR chassis are known for. The mid-ship boom design offers enhanced machine weight distribution and visibility to the boom outlets to monitor product distribution. The main product bin has a capacity of 287ft3 and can handle up to two products. With the addition of co-app bins, up to three products can be applied for unmatched productivity.

RBR 810 flex air Venturi400


The RA-885 features a straight forward design with a 304SS mesh-chain delivery system, rear-mounted 70-ft. booms, application rates of up to 1,200 lbs. per acre, and an industry- leading 350ft3 capacity. Capable of delivering up to three products, bin dividers can adjust to a 50-50 or 60-40 split between the two main bins. A micro hopper can stand alone or be used to supplement the second bin.

Air Spreader Specifications

Applicator Specifications

810 Flex - Air


Single Product Capacity 287 CU FT 350 CU FT
Multi Product capacity Bin 1 - 171 CU FT Bin 2 - 125 CU FT Micro Bin - 50 CU FT Bin 1 - Adjustable 175 CU FT or 209 CU FT Bin 2 - Adjustable 95 CU FT, 129 CU FT, or 174 CU FT Micro Bin - 53 CU FT
Box Material 409SS Painted Red 409SS Painted Red
Booms 70' Mid-ship booms with 20 adjustable outlets 70' 304SS with 32 outlets or 60' 304SS on 30" on-center outlets or 90' 304SS with 37 outlets
Metering System Main Bin - L/H & R/H lateral Conveyor fed by central 8" auger Micro bin - LH/RH roller meters on independent drives Bins 1 & 2 - LH & RH independently driven 16" 304SS mesh chains. Micro bin - LH/RH roller meters, clutched controlled on/off.
Fan Dual 6" Fans Single 22" Fan
Features Viper 4+, 7' break-away tips, VRA capable for up to 3 products Viper 4+, 7' break-away tips, VRA capable for up to 3 products