RBRE Spinner Spreader
RBR has selected New Leader, a staple in crop nutrient applicators, as our choice offering for dry fertilizer spreaders. Every bed is designed specifically for the Vector 300 and is installed at our manufacturing facility. Developed with the latest in spinner technology, New Leader applicators will efficiently spread fertilizer up to 105 feet and lime up to 60 feet with superior accuracy. Add the optional Multi-Bin or Micro-Bin system to spread up to 4 separately metered products in a single pass. The Vector 300 is available with the L4000 G4, L4500 G4 Edge, or the all new L5000 G5.

L4000 G4

The proven and reliable L4000 offers consistent spread widths for both fertilizer and lime applications. With modular hydraulic and bin packages, the L4000 G4 is capable of spreading up to 4 different products in just one pass. Standard features include a centralized grease bank, 304SS cross members and sub frame on all models, 304SS protective bed sheet, and in-cab hydraulic temperature indicator.

L4500 G4 Edge

Taking precision application to the next level, the L4500 G4 allows in-cab adjustment of the spinner RPMs, independently, to offer precise boundary spreading. Additional features include an automatic belt tensioner and periodic lubrication alerts to maximize belt life.

L5000 G5

The all new G5 is the ultimate in precision spinner-spreader application. Capable of left to right or right to left fan frame adjustment from inside the cab, the G5 offers accurate swath width control for boundary spreading , efficient last-pass spreading, and true half swath application.
MODEL L4000G4 / L4500G4 / L5000G5 L5034 G4 (compost)
Finish 409 painted stainless steel or optional 304 stainless steel painted mild steel
Length 13' 14' 16'
Spread Swath Fertilizer 90-105' / Lime 60' 90'
Main Bin Struck Capacity 277 ft³ 300 ft³ 453 ft³
Opt. Insert Struck Capcity (2 Bin) 5' Insert - 115 ft³ or 7' Insert - 161 ft³ n/a
Total Struck Capacity w/Insert + 10" Side Boards With 5' Insert - 343 ft³
With 7' Insert - 332 ft³
With 5' Insert - 372 ft³
With 7' Insert - 364 ft³
Warranty 2 year warranty 2 year warranty