RBRE Air Spreader
RBR has combined the proven 810 Flex-Air™ system from Case with the performance of the Vector high-clearance chassis to deliver the ultimate culmination of precision and strength. The Venturi 350 offers the largest capacity of any row-crop pneumatic spreader on the market. With the ability to deliver fertilizer accurately through the 70ft mid-mounted booms and the capability of using either row crop or floatation tires, the Venturi 350 extends the window of opportunity to apply product with true accuracy.  Add the optional multi-bin system for the ability to deliver variable rates for up to 3 different products in one pass.
MODEL Case IH 810 Flex-Air™
Finish 409 painted stainless steel
Length 14'
Spread Swath 70' booms
Main Bin Struck Capacity 287 ft³
Multi Bin Configuration / Capacities Double Bin (2 Metered Products) - 171 ft³ + 175 ft³
Triple Bin (3 Metered Products) - 171 ft³ + 125 ft³ + 50 ft³
Warranty 1 year warranty