Why should I consider RBR application equipment?

RBR has produced quality application equipment that has proven itself for over a decade.  We only build application equipment.  Because of this, we are focused only on our core competency, plus, dealing with one product line allows us to be flexible enough to meet the demands of the ever-changing agricultural industry.  

Our product line is unique as it combines the best of a floater chassis with a high-clearance chassis - raw power, true 4x4 capability, ground clearance, and high payload capacity.  This package is constructed into a rock-solid chassis that will generate revenue year after year.  

What is the crop clearance of the Vector and Venturi?

The Vector has a ground clearance of 27.5" and is used with all types of crops such as: soybeans, rice, corn, cotton, and peanuts.  In pre-emerge applications, the Vector offers versatility to mount floatation tires while maintaining peak performance.  

In over-the-top applications, the Vector can effectively spread in corn and soybeans up to 4 feet and cotton up to 2 feet.  The optional crop shield helps prevent crop damage from the drive-line when applying in late season. 

Can the wheel track be adjusted to accommodate row spacing?

All RBR application equipment has fixed axels.  However, our machines have the ability to run in 30" to 40" rows and everything in between.  We offer wheel spacing options from 111" up to 120" that will suit most row spacing.   

What is the warrant coverage for RBR Application Equipment?

All Vector and Venturi models come standard with a 1 year bumpter to bumper and 2 year engine and transmission warranty.  In addition, we offer an optional 3 year engine and transmission warranty to increase total coverage to 5 years.  All of our dealers offer full service capablities and are backed with strong factory support.